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aheadWorks brings X.Commerce’s Paypal Access functionality to PrestaShop

As you probably know, aheadWorks is a world-wide leader in producing the extensions and themes for Magento. So their next move may seem a bit not strictly aheadWorks-esque as the company presents its new extension for… PrestaShop.

This extension brings X.Commerce’s Paypal Access functionality to PrestaShop. With the help of this module customers can log in to a website with just a single click of the PayPal Access button.

Please, find the complete description and download the extension here.

X.Commerce and open source projects

I was looking for some new info on X.Commerce platform and I found this video by Jeromy Carriere, Chief Architect, X.Commerce. In his presentation Jeromy discusses how X.commerce has made strategic technical decisions to align with key open source projects that have maximum momentum in their respective domains. He also touches on the use of OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, RabbitMQ, Hadoop and an open-source continuous delivery pipeline and X.Commerce’s key element – Magento.

Enjoy your watching!

X.Commerce introduction in 3 parts.

Matias Laino is senior developer interested in multitier architecture, web based, back-end and core app design and development. He wrote a large post about X.Commerce entitled X.Commerce Introduction.

In this post (divided in 3 parts) he shares his thoughts about X.Commerce Ecosystem and the famous Fabric. He gives a simple explanation of how to start the Fabric and register capabilities and authorize Tenants and how to use the Eclipse Plug in. Finally, in the third part of the post, he talks about integration with X.Commerce.

Enjoy your reading!

X.Commerce logos and branded marks

X.commerce and eBay, Inc. want to protect X.commerce logos and branded marks, so they ask the community to follow the guidelines.

For this purpose, FPO X.commerce has developed a Press kit that contains various useful information.

For example, the X.commerce logo should appear in its original color and typeface. X.Commerce logos and marks should not be distorted, changed, or altered in any way. Also the logo should be placed on a solid, light colored or white background.

Please, find more info and dowload the Press kit using this link.

X.Commerce: some new information and press releases.

Find the latest news and three press releases about X.Commerce using this link. The information is quite important and interesting, so it’s definitely worth your attention.

X.Commerce in Kiev

If you going to attend the MageConf in Kiev, Ukraine on December 3, you’ll have a chance to hear Jeromy Carriere, the chief architect from X.commerce.

MageConf is a unique conference, which is held for the third consecutive year. The event gathers the best of PHP and Magento-development not only from Ukraine but from all over the world. The conference’s schedule includes representatives of X. Commerce, who will talk about the new platform, the integration of Magento and new opportunities for developers.

Jeromy’s report is entitled “X.commerce: Strategy, Product and Architecture”. His speech starts at 10 AM, so don’t be late:)

X.Commerce in French

If you’re keen on reading in French, this article by Cédric Rousset is worth your attention. Cédric analyzes the current state of affairs and speaks about the possible cohabitation of Magento and X.Commerce in future.


X.Commerce – John Lunn at Meet Magento UK

John Lunn started his presentation by talking about mobile, local, social, digital commerce and mentioning the current problems that many merchants are facing while integrating X.Commerce with their operational systems as well. He focused particularly on the cost associated with implementing X.Commerce, which is about providing a middlewear solution that enables easy integration with any system.

At the moment, X.Commerce provides online merchants with eBay’s full range of commerce products like PayPal, eBay, Magento, gsi commerce and others. eBay is aiming to establish X.Commerce as an open and powerful tool that allows any vendor to make their services available through this platform.

So, the guys at X.Commerce are intending to make a comfortable integration with other systems. It is certainly the good news for retailers as they will be able make use of products which were unavailable for them previously.

Moreover, John spoke about some really interesting and trendy products such as OpenID for PayPal (on Magento connect), PayPal Access Web and a Magento Recommendation Widget powered by the eBay product recommendation engine. In addition, these produsts are available for free.

In conclusion, taking in consideration all the latest features and news, it seems that the future for X.Commerce looks bright.

Some facts about X.Commerce platform

Although, even if there was no sensational information about X. Commerce platform during X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference, some light can be shed on the nature of this project. First of all, to delight of both Magento merchants and developers, eBay announced that X. Commerce is going to be an open ecosystem largely built around Magento (not surprisingly, but anyway).

The features in X.Commerce include:

  • Account management, access rights and permissions linked to PayPal
  • Supply management and demand
  • Marketing management / CRM
  • BI services (PayPal)
  • A very wide range of API Marketplaces
  • Payment solutions and advanced billing (automated payment, retail payment, checkout solutions, PayFlow)

Still, there is more information to reveal in future. Stay tuned!

X.commerce Partner Program

As many of you know, X.commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2011 ended one week ago. In my opinion, it was the event we all have been waiting for since summer. One thing is certain: the conference was a huge hit. A lot of things were covered during the conference, and you can always check a vivid summary made by Naveed Anwar (aka Bald Geek).

Taking in concideration its big success, now it is the right time to join this great community and make your own contribution. By joining X.commerce Partner Program, you’ll have a chance to be a part of this fast-growing ecosystem with thousands of people around the world.

Like they say: register now!