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X.Commerce – John Lunn at Meet Magento UK

John Lunn started his presentation by talking about mobile, local, social, digital commerce and mentioning the current problems that many merchants are facing while integrating X.Commerce with their operational systems as well. He focused particularly on the cost associated with implementing X.Commerce, which is about providing a middlewear solution that enables easy integration with any system.

At the moment, X.Commerce provides online merchants with eBay’s full range of commerce products like PayPal, eBay, Magento, gsi commerce and others. eBay is aiming to establish X.Commerce as an open and powerful tool that allows any vendor to make their services available through this platform.

So, the guys at X.Commerce are intending to make a comfortable integration with other systems. It is certainly the good news for retailers as they will be able make use of products which were unavailable for them previously.

Moreover, John spoke about some really interesting and trendy products such as OpenID for PayPal (on Magento connect), PayPal Access Web and a Magento Recommendation Widget powered by the eBay product recommendation engine. In addition, these produsts are available for free.

In conclusion, taking in consideration all the latest features and news, it seems that the future for X.Commerce looks bright.