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X.Commerce in Kiev

If you going to attend the MageConf in Kiev, Ukraine on December 3, you’ll have a chance to hear Jeromy Carriere, the chief architect from X.commerce.

MageConf is a unique conference, which is held for the third consecutive year. The event gathers the best of PHP and Magento-development not only from Ukraine but from all over the world. The conference’s schedule includes representatives of X. Commerce, who will talk about the new platform, the integration of Magento and new opportunities for developers.

Jeromy’s report is entitled “X.commerce: Strategy, Product and Architecture”. His speech starts at 10 AM, so don’t be late:)

X.Commerce in French

If you’re keen on reading in French, this article by Cédric Rousset is worth your attention. Cédric analyzes the current state of affairs and speaks about the possible cohabitation of Magento and X.Commerce in future.


Some facts about X.Commerce platform

Although, even if there was no sensational information about X. Commerce platform during X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference, some light can be shed on the nature of this project. First of all, to delight of both Magento merchants and developers, eBay announced that X. Commerce is going to be an open ecosystem largely built around Magento (not surprisingly, but anyway).

The features in X.Commerce include:

  • Account management, access rights and permissions linked to PayPal
  • Supply management and demand
  • Marketing management / CRM
  • BI services (PayPal)
  • A very wide range of API Marketplaces
  • Payment solutions and advanced billing (automated payment, retail payment, checkout solutions, PayFlow)

Still, there is more information to reveal in future. Stay tuned!

EBay builds new division to woo developers

As all know, a new business for eBay called X.commerce has emerged in recent months. This is an excerpt of an article from Los Angeles Times.

The website for the division, X.com, revives a name from the early days of PayPal, when it merged a competing online payments business called X.com started by Elon Musk.

X.commerce is trying to persuade outside developers to create applications, or apps, for merchants looking to sell more online.

The apps can be designed to work on EBay’s marketplaces. They may also include payment capabilities from PayPal and work with websites built on Magento, an open-source e-commerce company that EBay bought in June.

The more useful apps that developers build through X.commerce, the more likely merchants are to use EBay’s marketplaces, PayPal’s payment technology or GSI’s e-commerce services.

The idea is to indirectly monetize EBay’s main assets PayPal, GSI and Marketplaces,” said Matthew Mengerink, the EBay veteran who runs the new division. “X.commerce is in a unique position. I don’t have to drive revenue, I have to drive traffic.”

EBay has about 725,000 developers registered with its various developer programs, and there are roughly 4,600 Magento apps active on X.com, up from 3,800 at the start of the year, according to Mengerink.

Mengerink said he will measure X.commerce‘s success partly on how much money developers make selling apps.

If developers are making the money, you can’t shake the platform,” he added. “We believe we can create the largest ecosystem.”

Smaller merchants will not have to hire lots of in-house developers if a wide variety of e-commerce apps are available to buy and plug into their online stores, Mengerink explained.

Meet Magento UK is Coming Up in Two Months!

According to Magento Marketing, this is the chance to get an insider’s look at Magento and new eBay’s X.Commerce. Additionally, you will learn how eCommerce business and techinical leaders are changing eCommerce and driving results with Magento.

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eBay Inc. Completes Acquisition of Magento

On the 17th of August 2011, eBay Inc. announced it completed its previously announced acquisition of Magento, Inc., the creators of Magento, a leading open source ecommerce platform. The deal follows eBay’s acquisition of a minority stake in the company in 2010. eBay now owns 100 percent of the outstanding shares of Magento. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Magento platform serves tens of thousands of merchants worldwide and is supported by a global community of solution partners and third-party developers. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class commerce solution that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online stores. Magento Go, the company’s hosted software-as-a-service solution, provides small and growing merchants with the tools to help them succeed online – from payments to inventory management.

Magento will be a part of X.commerce, eBay Inc.’s integrated open commerce platform group, focused on leveraging the company’s assets and partner technologies to build a strong, robust developer community as a resource for merchants and retailers of all sizes. More details will be shared with developers during the X.commerce Innovate Developer Conference, October 12-13 in San Francisco.

What the Officials Say or Let’s Talk about the Future

As we stated in our previous post, there’s not much information about X.Commerce, so let’s see what the officials say about this acquisition.


Firstly, the word is to Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner, co-founder & CEO of Magento and co-founder & Magento CTO respectively.

Secondly, the word goes to John Donahoe, CEO of eBay Inc.

Anyway, despite these statements, a certain incertitude exists about the future of Magento. The main question regarding X.Commerce and Magento is can these two platforms coexist or no.

They say, Magento will be at the core of X.Commerce and they’ll be collaborating with their eBay colleagues on developing the X.Commerce platform. Still many Magento store owners and developpers wonder about this topic.

What do you think about the future of Magento and X.Commerce? Share your opininion here.

Hello and Welcome to the World of X.Commerce!

Hello everyone!

On the 6th of July, eBay Inc. announced that it has agreed to acquire Magento Inc., the creator of Magento, a leading open source ecommerce platform. The deal follows eBay’s acquisition of a minority stake in the company in 2010. Upon closing of the transaction, eBay will own 100% of the outstanding shares of Magento. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to close in Q3 2011.

It was also announced that Magento will join X.Commerce, eBay’s newly created integrated open source platform group. According to this announcement, the group is focused on leveraging the company’s assets and partner technologies to build a strong, robust developer community as a resource for merchants and retailers of all sizes.

This blog was created to gather all the possible information about X.Commerce, the new generation eCommerce platform in the world.

The thing is that after Magento has reached an agreement to be acquired by eBay Inc, many people, including both shop owners and developpers, are worried about the future of Magento platorm and community.

Some answers regarding this event can be found in this FAQ.

eBay will share more details about the initiative with developers during the X.Commerce Innovate conference (formerly called the PayPal Innovate conference) on October 12-13 in San Francisco.

Having questions about the conference? Here’s the FAQ.

By now, not much information about X.Commerce can be found, so we’ll try to shed some light on it.

Stay tuned to the news about X.Commerce and find more about it!