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X.Commerce introduction in 3 parts.

Matias Laino is senior developer interested in multitier architecture, web based, back-end and core app design and development. He wrote a large post about X.Commerce entitled X.Commerce Introduction.

In this post (divided in 3 parts) he shares his thoughts about X.Commerce Ecosystem and the famous Fabric. He gives a simple explanation of how to start the Fabric and register capabilities and authorize Tenants and how to use the Eclipse Plug in. Finally, in the third part of the post, he talks about integration with X.Commerce.

Enjoy your reading!

X.Commerce logos and branded marks

X.commerce and eBay, Inc. want to protect X.commerce logos and branded marks, so they ask the community to follow the guidelines.

For this purpose, FPO X.commerce has developed a Press kit that contains various useful information.

For example, the X.commerce logo should appear in its original color and typeface. X.Commerce logos and marks should not be distorted, changed, or altered in any way. Also the logo should be placed on a solid, light colored or white background.

Please, find more info and dowload the Press kit using this link.

X.Commerce: some new information and press releases.

Find the latest news and three press releases about X.Commerce using this link. The information is quite important and interesting, so it’s definitely worth your attention.