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X.Commerce – John Lunn at Meet Magento UK

John Lunn started his presentation by talking about mobile, local, social, digital commerce and mentioning the current problems that many merchants are facing while integrating X.Commerce with their operational systems as well. He focused particularly on the cost associated with implementing X.Commerce, which is about providing a middlewear solution that enables easy integration with any system.

At the moment, X.Commerce provides online merchants with eBay’s full range of commerce products like PayPal, eBay, Magento, gsi commerce and others. eBay is aiming to establish X.Commerce as an open and powerful tool that allows any vendor to make their services available through this platform.

So, the guys at X.Commerce are intending to make a comfortable integration with other systems. It is certainly the good news for retailers as they will be able make use of products which were unavailable for them previously.

Moreover, John spoke about some really interesting and trendy products such as OpenID for PayPal (on Magento connect), PayPal Access Web and a Magento Recommendation Widget powered by the eBay product recommendation engine. In addition, these produsts are available for free.

In conclusion, taking in consideration all the latest features and news, it seems that the future for X.Commerce looks bright.

Some facts about X.Commerce platform

Although, even if there was no sensational information about X. Commerce platform during X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference, some light can be shed on the nature of this project. First of all, to delight of both Magento merchants and developers, eBay announced that X. Commerce is going to be an open ecosystem largely built around Magento (not surprisingly, but anyway).

The features in X.Commerce include:

  • Account management, access rights and permissions linked to PayPal
  • Supply management and demand
  • Marketing management / CRM
  • BI services (PayPal)
  • A very wide range of API Marketplaces
  • Payment solutions and advanced billing (automated payment, retail payment, checkout solutions, PayFlow)

Still, there is more information to reveal in future. Stay tuned!

X.commerce Partner Program

As many of you know, X.commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2011 ended one week ago. In my opinion, it was the event we all have been waiting for since summer. One thing is certain: the conference was a huge hit. A lot of things were covered during the conference, and you can always check a vivid summary made by Naveed Anwar (aka Bald Geek).

Taking in concideration its big success, now it is the right time to join this great community and make your own contribution. By joining X.commerce Partner Program, you’ll have a chance to be a part of this fast-growing ecosystem with thousands of people around the world.

Like they say: register now!

Innovate: eBay + Facebook = a new life for eCommerce?

X.commerce Developer Conference is over, so it’s time to review some of important announcements from its participants. Here’s a great article by Rip Empson from TechCrunch talking about eBay and Facebook integration.

Innovate 2011 Live Streaming

If for some reason you weren’t able to attend the Innovate Developer Conference 2011, you can always check these video keynotes to learn more about it.

X.Commerce: introducing X.commerce Developer Package

While the Innovate Developer Conference 2011 is on its way (btw, you can see its keynotes live), let’s see what is X.Commerce Developer Package is about.

X.commerce Developer package is a downloadable package consisting of all the necessary code, message contracts and samples to get started with building, testing and integrating with the Fabric. The developer package is open to all developers without registration. With the developer package, users can create the X.commerce environment on their local workstations without any external dependencies.

For more details, please, find the full and detailed X.Commerce Developer Package Overview.

X.Commerce: join the elite group of fellow pledge-takers.

Not much time left for the Innovate Developer Conference 2011 to begin. On the eve of this beautiful event, in recognition of your early contributions to the X.commerce platform, you have been invited to take this pledge, and join the elite group of fellow pledge-takers.

Being a pledge taker, you will be able to:

  • Proudly display the X.commerce Pledge logo on your web site
  • Have your logo displayed along with PayPal, eBay, Magento, and other fellow pledge taker logos
  • Get early exposure for your company across the X.commerce ecosystem
  • Express pride in being an early contributor to the X.commerce vision

Please, find more information here.

X.commerce: an interview with Matthew Mengerink

Hello everyone!

The guys from Practical Ecommerce did a great job and published an interesting interview with Matthew Mengerink, X.Commerce’s general manager.

In this article Matthew talks about X.Commerce, its goals and purpose.

If you’re interested in this new platform for online business, use this link and enjoy the interview (complete audio version included).

And don’t forget to thank Practical eCommerce Staff for sharing this useful information!